Why Is the Chainsmokers’ “Closer” the Biggest Song in the Country?

Why Is the Chainsmokers’ “Closer” the Biggest Song in the Country?

by: Slate.com

For the first 10 seconds, the song sounds like it’s building to something monumental: thundering piano chords, sweeping synth washes, and a swelling echo like you’re down in a vast ravine. And then, at 0:11 … click. It all switches off like a lamp—a finger-snap and a meek “Hey,” as the melody downshifts to two-finger keyboard notes. In a near-murmur, the singer offers confessional lyrics in therapy-speak: “I was doing just fine before I met you/ I drink too much, and that’s an issue/ But I’m OK.” There is no “drop”—the thunderous climax of club-rattling

The electronic-dance music duo who call themselves the Chainsmokers have done something even more bro-tastic than dropping the bass. You’ve just been punk’d.

“Closer,” the new No. 1 song on Billboard’s Hot 100, opens with this musical head-fake. It’s reminiscent of the Chainsmokers’ entire career to date, which reads as one long con. The New York–based duo of Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall—smirky DJ-producers who broke less than three years ago with the crass, sexist novelty hit “#Selfie” and subsequently made asses of themselves on American Idol—are now not only one of top 40 radio’s most consistent purveyors of mass-appeal melodic pop, they have recast themselves as credibly emo electro-bros. (One of “Closer’s” verses cites actual emo-punk bandBlink-182.) Either these dudes have uncovered hidden depths as songwriters just this year, or they are gaslighting us with a simulacrum of human feeling. Probably both.


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